Who We Are

The BinKnocker has made my job easier, safer, and faster. Our family-owned business is now able to share this device with customers across Canada and the United States. The Binknocker is made to install easily and last for decades.

Our family has resided in Central Alberta for over 60 years in our present location since 1975. We appreciate hard work, sacrifice, and struggle. We know that safety is on the minds of everyone these days as it should be. The BinKnocker is a positive step in that direction.

Locally owned and operated. Having used The BinKnocker for many years we were encouraged to make it available to others. We know that we have a quality device for everyone to use trouble-free for many years. we are fortunate to have our brackets and rope made for us within an hour of our residence making changes much easier.


About Us

Ron and Donna Gramlich have lived on their acreage together in central Alberta for 30 years. Together they have five adult children and four grandchildren. While being at their home in central Alberta for the last 30 years, they have held many jobs and responsibilities within their nearby communities. While they take lots of pride in their land and home, they enjoy escaping the cold winters that we get in Alberta by traveling, one of their favorite spots being Hawaii. Being family-oriented they have come up with some traditions to stay close with their families, such as family game nights and a biennial family reunion.