THE BINKNOCKER An accurate, inexpensive,
universal bin level indicator
THE BINKNOCKER The BinKnocker is an easily used device for any hands helping to check bins!


The BinKnocker is an easily used device for any hands helping to check bins! This works to indicate the level of product in your: grain, fertilizer or frac sand bins. This mechanism was created to give you an easy and SAFE means of accurately obtaining the level of your bin.

Our Products

The BinKnocker is easily installed in under an hour on most metal grain and fertilizer bins.
All of our stainless steel brackets and double braid rope are fabricated in Central Alberta.
All kits are assembled at our home to ensure high-quality parts.

Our Clients

The BinKnocker is used on-farm grain and fertilizer bins used for storage, grain drying, and wet bins.
Seed Plants where monitoring grain levels is a priority.
Frac sand bins. Fertilizer retail outlets. In the busy seasons, monitoring product levels can be done in minutes safely from the ground. No need to climb ladders or throw things at your bins.
Grain bin manufacturers.
Agricultural Retail outlets such as Peavey Mart.

50 Years of Agricultural Experience

Born and raised on the farm and farming for many years. Now remaining in the agriculture industry working for a fertilizer retail outlet where The BinKnocker idea was born and has been used for 15 years. Climbing ladders many times per day to monitor bin levels was dangerous with fatigue and hurry.


The BinKnocker has made my job easier, safer, and faster. Our family-owned business is now able to share this device with customers across Canada and the United States. The Binknocker is made to install easily and last for decades.
Our family has resided in Central Alberta for over 60 years in our present location since 1975. We appreciate hard work, sacrifice, and struggle. We know that safety is on the minds of everyone these days as it should be. The BinKnocker is a positive step in that direction.


Having used The BinKnocker for many years we were encouraged to make it available to others. We know that we have a quality device for everyone to use trouble-free for many years. we are fortunate to have our brackets and rope made for us within an hour of our residence making changes much easier. All brackets for “The BinKnocker” are made right here in central Alberta. PLUS, if we don’t have a bracket to suit your bin… WE WILL DESIGN ONE! The BinKnocker can also be found in Peavey Mart stores across Western Canada.


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